Ryan Alan print, web & identity design

Reel Water Film Festival

In its second year, the Reel Water Film Festival wanted to refocus and rebuild their brand for longevity and growth, including a new logo and website.


The shape of the new logo invokes the art deco film marquees popularized in the 1930s combined with more literal representations of water in the droplet icons—communicating the two major themes. The type is set in League Gothic, a modern sans-serif that provides a nice counterbalance to the vintage elements, altogether creating a logo that recalls the golden age of film while remaining contemporary. The initial brand redesign was rounded off with a robust, earthy color palette, including bronze, brown, rust, and cool blue. Since its inception, the brand has grown in unexpected ways but always proven to be flexible and vibrant while remaining true to its roots.

Image of the Reel Water Film Festival logo in color, gray scale, and black and white


The original website was stylistically dated and suffered from bad architecture. I reorganized the site for easier navigation and created custom web apps so the festival could easily update frequently changing content. The site is also responsive and looks great on mobile devices!

As an extension of the brand, the website design is clean with simple geometric embellishments. Fortunately, the festival has great professional photography that really sells the impact of the global water crisis. These gripping photos are front and center on every page.

Role: Designer and Developer

Technologies: Business Catalyst, HTML5/CSS3, jQuery

Creative Director: Shala Graham, SW Creatives, LLC