Ryan Alan print, web & identity design

Help the Homeless, Fannie Mae

Prior to my joing the team, SW Creatives, LLC designed several iterations of Fannie Mae's Help the Homeless website. But in 2012, when the program went nationwide and celebrated its 25th anniversary, HTH needed a new website to reflect their growth and celebrate their milestone. Because Help the Homeless was expanding into five new cities and introducting new pieces to their program, the redesign necessitated in-depth strategic planning and implementation, including new information architecture. The site also needed to be integrated with Convio, so a partnership was established with Events360. However, I developed a high-fidelity prototype in HTML/CSS before the integration to ensure pixel perfect translation of the site design and proper user experience, especially where participant registration was concerned.

Within the first three months of launching the website, over 150 community walks were created, supporting over 70 nonprofit organizations. In 2012, more than 105,000 people raised funds through 775 community walks, sponsorships, and related activities. The HTH nonprofit beneficiaries reached more than 149,000 clients and made available more than 5,200 housing units. Help the Homeless continues to make an impact on homelessness in communities across the U.S. and I am very proud to play a supporting role.

Role: Information Architect, Designer and Developer

Technologies: HTML/CSS3

Creative Director: Shala Graham, SW Creatives, LLC